Younger Division ages 8 – 13

(revised March 16, 2017)

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Piano, Flute

Private Lessons
During this time the student will be working on improving the technical and musical skills necessarily for performing. We focus on the student’s needs and level of understanding to achieve the best possible results. Because of the time allowed for frequent individual lessons we are able to perform new programs in a two week period that would normally take a semester to learn.

Chamber Music
During Chamber Music Coaching we explore the harmony world. Students form ensembles such as duos, Trios, quartets etc. This is one of the most favorite activity among our students. It is also a class that has a very positive impact on their social skills.

Orchestra is a large ensemble that includes a variety of instruments and as such it requires the most concentration than any other ensemble class. The students learn the importance of a section, note division, timing, pitch, sound and how to play in unison.

Designed for the younger ages, this is a hand’s on class. During this time students learn about different artists and their masterworks. Also they get to build stage elements used in opera productions. A true “favorite”

Music Theory/Ear training
Through Ear Training and Music Theory students learn better pitch, harmony form, composers and their different styles etc.

Our concerts take place at Tunxis College, Hartford & Mystic

For parents to know:
• Arrival time 9:30 / Pick up time 2:30
• Parents provide transportation to camp and performance venues
• Parents are not allowed to observe classes. This serves students better
• We provide students with a small snack such as fruit or crackers during class hours
• Parents have the choice of packing lunch or purchasing an affordable lunch at Tunxis Cafeteria (please let us know if your child has any food allergies)
• Students must have a note book, staff paper book and a pencil on the first day of camp
• We provide the art material for art class
• Please bring music stand to the performances only
 • Please note that the 1st day August 11 is the audition day. All students must play a piece of their choice (~ 5 minutes). This helps us to place students in the appropriate chamber ensemble. This day the camp hours are 9:30 – 1:00