The Advanced Division

(revised March 16, 2017)


The Advanced Division is open to students demonstrating an advanced knowledge of the instrument and ability to perform in variety of chamber music and advanced orchestral settings. Advanced Division includes daily private lessons, chamber ensembles, orchestral studies, master classes, music theory, on-campus performances, and concerts on off-campus locations. Our goal is to inspire and guide students to the higher performance level. Students must come with prepared repertoire including classical or romantic sonata, bravura piece or concerto movement prepared prior to the start of the institute. We provide piano accompaniment.

For parents to know:
• Arrival time 9:30 / Pick up time between 4:30 – 5 pm
• Parents provide transportation to camp and performance venues
• Parents are not aloud to observe classes. This serves students better
• We provide students with a small snack such as fruit or crackers during class hours
• Parents have the choice of packing lunch or purchasing an affordable lunch at Tunxis Cafeteria (please let us know if your child has any food allergies)
• Students must have a note book, staff paper book and a pencil on the first day of camp
• Please bring music stand to the performances only
Please note that the 1st day August 11 is the audition day. All students must play a piece of their choosing (~ 5 minutes). This helps us to place students in the appropriate chamber ensemble. This day the camp hours are 9:30 – 1:00